Apr 3, 2014

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TNT Particles Engine 2 — FIRST TEST — 500 Particles 30 FPS on ArmV6 600Mhz —


just tried a simple particles compare test code…

moving 500 particles on Huawei U8650 (android 2.3.6) with 600Mhz cpu…


on TNT Particles Engine 1 -> 10FPS

on TNT Particles Engine 2 -> 30 FPS and using a A LOT of less of memory to do it. (one mesh)

and there is space for better optimizations….

nice.. nice.. engine 2 is coming really really nice…




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Apr 1, 2014

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TNT Particles Engine 2 – Worklog (day 3) – Lazarus is the Winner ! :)

Another day is passed and some code was written… :)

aehm… some optimizations really…

at first i would like to code the logic part in c++ but the main bottleneck is the graphic pipeline… that i’m trying to optimize as the best that i can…

and now that there is also LuaJit in Gideros the logic part should run really really fast without the use of native code… (for now is really fast also in plain Lua).
about the particle desiogner I tried Xojo but i’m not familiar with this Rad (but i like it) so i decided that i will go with Lazarus 1.2 for 2 main reason:

1. it’s free. I have no money for this new project now so i need to economize… :)

2. i’m very familiar with delphi and lazarus so the develop should be for me easier than Xojo …

ok. for now is all.

tomorrow (if you like to follow this worklog info) i start to talk about new TNT Particles Engine 2 and why i decided to TOTALLY rewrite.

as soon as i can i’ll start to publish some video demo and show some features!


Night to all!


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Mar 30, 2014

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TNT Particles Engine 2 – Worklog 2 – “to Xojo on not to Xojo ?”

Another day working on my core engine 2 for particles…

i’m feel good… code writing is easy and it’s seems to me that the code writes by itself …

I love when I’m inspired …

well … well …

now i almost close to decide with wich RAD i’ll write the designer…

lazarus or Xojo ?……?

i like Xojo… but i need money for it…


think mode on…..
:) I’ll sleep on it .. ;)

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Mar 30, 2014

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TNT Particles Engine 2 today work log…


worked hard today on my new particle engine for Gideros Mobile 2014 SDK…

i’m satisfied … new particles core engine it’s blazing fast even on older devices… (arv6 500Mhz)

hope that performance don’t degrade overly with adding new “candy” features… if so i’ll remove it!!!

on this release i want an engine really FAST and LIGHT with a nice Visual Editor Designer!!!

coming soon…

only for Gideros Mobile SDK…

***** stay tuned!!! *****

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Mar 25, 2014

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TNT Particles Engine v1.12 is OUT! for Gideros Mobile.

New version of my particle engine for Gideros Mobile SDK!


In this version:

Hide/Unhide bug fixed.

Added LuaJit Compatibility

some code optimizations.


(TNT Particles Engine 2… ;) do you want a tech sneak peak ? hihihi!)

soon… soon…. ;)

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Mar 7, 2014

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TNT Collision v1.05 C Native Plugin is OUT!!! for Gideros Mobile SDK — DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!

Hi Guys !!!

a new release for my native plugin collision system for Gideros Mobile SDK.

in this version added some math helper functions:

+ getDirection 40% faster than Lua code

+ getDistance 40% faster than Lua code

+ getAngleDifference                          48% faster than Lua code
+ getXLenDir                                  42% faster than Lua code
+ getYLenDir                                  42% faster than Lua code
+ getXYLenDir                                 62% faster than Lua code
+ min                                         15% faster than Lua code
+ max                                         15% faster than Lua code
+ lerp                                        10-20% faster than Lua code
+ clamp                                       60% faster than Lua code
+ circularClamp                               from 20% to 52% faster than Lua code

download now!!!! it's free !!!!!

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Feb 20, 2014

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TNT Collision 1.01 NATIVE PLUGIN for Gideros updated! x86 architecture added!

Hi! guys !!!

after a while…. an update!!! (finally!)

not new features but i added x86 architecture support…!!!

so… let’s start to download now !!!! :)


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