Mar 14, 2013

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TNT Virtual PAD 1.40 OUT!

Hi Guys!!!

new TNT Virtual Pad is OUT!
some BugFIX, new 2 Players example and optimizations.
avaible now (only for donators!)
just go on my donators dropbox share folder and download!
free edition (with no sources coming soon!) :)


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Jan 23, 2013

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TNT Virtual PAD v1.35 BUG FIX!

Hi Guys another update for TNT Virtual Pad…

it’s a bugfix release… (thanks to SinisterSoft!)

if you are using Virtual Pad please update to 1.35!

22/01/2013 v1.35
- Several Bug Fix for new Buttons system (by SinisterSoft)
- Fix a possible Crash if layerIndex is nil or < 1
+ Added screen Restrict (By Sinistersoft)
+ New Buttons “default” position (By Sinistersoft)


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Jan 11, 2013

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TNT Virtual Pad 1.30 – 6 Buttons and BugFix!


new Year… new releases! :)

This time TNT Virtual PAD come with new features and Bug Fixes!
all done by SinisterSoft

. TNT Virtual Pad Now support up 6 Buttons
. Virtual pad Clipping/Scale Fix with all resolutions.

This release was made possibile by SinisterSoft!
Thanks Again!

please try this Nice Game (Android)

By SinisterSoft using TNT Virtual PAD! :)


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Nov 29, 2012

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TNT Virtual PAD 1.21 BUG FIX!!!

a small bug fix.

fix 64bit precompiled lua code error!

sorry for the inconvenience!.

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Nov 20, 2012

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Hi! guys…

a little update for my TNT Virtual PAD.


This is a BUG Fix Release


Fixed Events Release for Virtual PADS

Fixed GFX Layer Error on Virtual PAD

Add a new Touch modality based on radius

so now Virtual pad can handle touches also on user defined radius. (see docs and examples for more infos)


Thanks to Tom2012 for Bug report and suggestions.

and thanks to all peoples that support my work with donations! (thanks guys!)


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Jul 20, 2012

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TNT Virtual Pad for Gideros Mobile v1.10 OUT!!! – UPDATE NOW! -

Hi Guys just a little update for TNT Virtual Pad…

this time in v1.10

- Internal Optimizations
- Fixed a Bug in Texture Function “setTextures” (thanks to Gleen Bacon for report)

thanks Guys!
for your support!


 Download NOW!!!


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