Dec 4, 2012

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TNT Animator Studio v1.15 RELEASED!!! NEW FEATURES!!!

Hi Guys just a “fast update” to add some new features (requested by users)

This is new v.1.15 Release log:

+ IMPROVED function CTNTAnimator:setVisible(isVisible) isVisible default = true (so if you call setVisible() now is true by default.)
+ Added function CTNTAnimator:getCurrentFrame() – return current frame animation number. (Asked by tom2012)
+ Added function CTNTAnimator:pauseAnimation() — pause current animation (Asked by tom2012) and release event “ANIM_PAUSED” (see example 4)
+ Added function CTNTAnimator:unPauseAnimation() — unpause current animation (Asked by tom2012) and release event “ANIM_UNPAUSED” (see example 4)

hope you like.

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Sep 16, 2012

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TNT Animator Studio v1.1 PUBLIC RELEASE!!!

TNT Animator Studio v1.1 PUBLIC RELEASE!!!

Finally PUBLIC Release of TNT Animator Studio 1.1 is OUT!

many BugFix, and Editor improvements!!







If you need to animate your game you need TNT ANIMATOR STUDIO !!! :)

Try it now!!! it’s FREE!!! DOWNLOAD NOW



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Sep 11, 2012

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TNT Animator 1.1 Beta 4 Released to Supporters!

v1.1 Beta 4 11/09/2012


I’m very proud to release this version…

a lot of work  was done in the editor

to try to speedup workflow and and simplify coder life…


First i my special thanks and credits go to “Mells” that does a really nice and hard work on “deep” test and for his suggestions and guidelines.

then to all peoples that supported me (with donations)….


this release was possible thanks their support, Thanks again guys!


Ok. Now What new in this release (1.1) ?


1. On the framework side mainly BugFix and some Optimizations and some new additions:


++ FIXED getSpeed() release anim speed not in MS (re-check you code PLEASE!)

++ FIXED if No Stop Frame defined in Editor for an animation = Error on

++ FIXED self:anim:setLoop()

now if loop is set to false and ot “stopOnFrame” is not defined,  animator play all animation frames and stop on last frame.

if StopOnFrames is defined animator play all animation frames and then stop one fame defined in “stopOnFrame”.


++ Added function CTNTAnimator::stopOnFrame(FrameNumber) – is like in Editor StopOnFrame but “via Code” – so set Stop frame for animation.

++ Added function CTNTAnimator:animationExists(animationName) - release true if exists else release false.

++ IMPROVED ANIM_CHANGE Event now release also previous animation name so you’ll get

animationName = name of animation you changed to

previousAnimationName = previous animation name.

(see example 2 for more info…)


++ Some other Fixes and Optimization that i don’t remember!! :)


2. On the Editor Side(windows Xp/Vista/7/8 & OSX)


Main news is you can reload Texture without losing your current project, redesigned menu file, you can reorganize animations and frames with drag and drop,

multiple select/deselect (ctrl + shift), clone animations, Animations name Templates, list of last project opened and more functions!!!

just try the new editor!!!


anyway now some worklog:


++ FIXED Void Clone Crash!

++ FIXED Error while reading stream : File “” does not exist

++ FIXED In exported TAN file if no StopOnFrame is defined xml file export StopOnFrame

++ FIXED Some times when create new animation last selected animation lost his properties (flipx, flipy, stop…)

++ FIXED Error when reordering animations when “Sort Animation names” is checked.

  • ++ FIXED some random crash and bug fix (EDITOR)

++ ADDED Add Animation Button with two selector! (blank animation / from Templates)

++ ADDED Clone Animation Now is “Duplicate Animation” and changed how suffix Works. “COPY_” is added and already highlighted”

++ ADDED rename animations by double clicking on it.

++ ADDED Shift + click or cmd + click for multiple selection, and also Delete Button to delete easily.

++ ADDED all windows (sprite explorer, main form) are now sizables by user  so preview frame can be any size!

++ ADDED “Open Recent…” entry in the file menu under “Open Animation Project”.

++ ADDED Ctrl+S to save current Project and added shourt-cut keys to file menu items…

++ ADDED Editor ask to save when exit if new project or project was modified …

++ ADDED editor remember last position of all windows.

++ ADDED ”Publish Tnt animation” populated by the name of the current .tan file.

++ ADDED ”Save As ” populated by the name of the current .tap file.

++ ADDED Animations could be reordered by Drag and drop or sorted!

++ ADDED Editor now save windows size, poisition and preferences.


++ IMPROVED On duplicate Animation now _COPY suffix is add at the end end automatically      selected..

++ Other minor fix and enachements.

++ Other things that i can’t remember :)


What’s Next… integrate my upcoming collision system (NATIVE C++ PLUGIN) so you can easy draw collision mask of your animations sprites! and get full speed of native code !!! :)


next days it will be Public FREE Release (no sources codes for free edition)


Ciao ciao,



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Sep 11, 2012

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TNT Animator 1.1 Beta 4 is ready!

Hi! guys!!!


beta 4 of TNT Animator v1.1 is ready!!!

many many news…

tomorrow release to all peoples that supported me and make this update possible (donators)

then (after some tests)

public release!!!


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Aug 22, 2012

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TNT Animator has been updated to 1.04!!!

Hey Guys!!!

TNT Animator 1.04 is Ready

what’s new in this release (mainly a bug fix and maintenance)

v1.04 22/08/2012
+ Added check for Animation in setAnimation… and release a nice error log if animation is not found. ;) thanks to Mells!
+ Corrected a Bug in PlayAnimation that if a StopFrame is definided in a non loop animation animation won’t start. (reported by draconar)
+ function CTNTAnimator:addToParent(parentGroup) added and CTNTAnimator:addChildAnimation(parentGroup) NOW DEPRECATED!!!!


download now!!! it’s free!!!


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Jul 31, 2012

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TNT Animator Studio v1.03 for Gideros SDK is OUT!


A little update (again) for my TNT Animator Studio

in this release 1.03

+  Free() “C stack overflow” error Fixed – report by ar2rsawseen

+ internal reference to animation sprites changed from .mClip to .sprite

+ Added new Event “ANIM_NEWLOOP” on animation loop restart. released every new animloop is restarted.

+ Added new function “CTNTAnimator:getSpriteHandle” that return anim sprite handle

(is like direct accesing to CTNTAnimator.sprite) and so you can apply

all Gideros sprite transformations and effects (ex: setRotation, setColorTransformm, etc)


ciao ciao!!!

Download NOW

(and please if you use it support me with a donation!)



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