Jul 8, 2013

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Ranatan for Windows 8 is on the store!









Hi there!

I am pleased, glad and – why not?- pretty proud to announce you Guys

that you can get my brand new videogame “Ranatan”

available for FREE on Windows 8 International Market.

What is all about?

Ranatan is a funny froggy who’s alway, always hungry!

Aim of the game is to eat as many flying bugs as you can.

Jump from leaf to leaf trying not to fall into the water ’cause there are naughty fishes ready to bite you.

Beware of snakes and red mosquitoes too.

Be careful.. when night falls or when it rains you won’t see clearly… But everything becomes more challenging!

One more thing : don’t hit the left border of the screen, otherwise Ranatan will be screwed…

You shall eat while jumping making “combo jumps”, you can get “bonus” by making “super jumps”, and you can gain points by picking up coins (PowerPack) or ride a rocket to run away very fast.

In the next few days a new update will be released to allow an online worldwide ranking amongst the best jumpers and bugs hunters!

The challenge will be even more demanding!!!

Are you ready to jump…?

It’s a game of skills and ability which will improve your reflexes!

Be careful though… It could cause addiction…!!!:)

From September onwards it will be available on the Apple Store (iOS e OSX), Android Play Store, Linux, Windows Phone 8 and therefore for tablets and smartphone.

To download it follow the link: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/ranatan/0c217e93-5e53-4409-8eb0-fdcee92f4947

Or look for it on Windows 8 International Market “Ranatan”

A special thanks to those who helped me developing this game!!!

Michael Hartlef,

Giulia Armeni

and last but not least my dearest friend “Luca DOC Morelli”


Gianluca D’Angelo


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