Feb 16, 2014

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No registration needed to download TNT Engine.

From now you can Download TNT Engine with no need to register to my site (!) :)
if you i like my work please donate. (the only resource to make tnt engine alive).


anyway stay tuned. nice news in the horizon ! :)

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Nov 28, 2012

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New contact form added…

Sorry but with the previous contact form i lost emails of peoples that send me an email using the contact form…

so if you had tried to contact me please recontact using new contact system (on the right).

sorry for the inconvenience.

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Oct 22, 2012

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TNT Native Collision PLUGIN for Gideros Mobile SDK

Hi! guys!

after many hours of work finally i’m almost ready to release my new Library for Gideros SDK (www.giderosmobile.com).

TNT Native Collision Engine a native (c++) plugin for collision detection.

Why you should be use this libs when Box2d do the same things ?

first i need to say one thing:

*** if you need more accurate collision detection with physics interaction then my lib is not for you. ***

i’ve made this libs for *simple* but *FAST* (really FAST) collision detection to use in my next project.


TNT Collision can now handle some kinds of collision like:

point->box, point->circle, point->oriented Box

circle->circle, circle->box, circle->oriented Box

box->box, oriented box->oriented Box

with any handle point.

i hope to release in next 2-3 days.:razz:


stay tuned! :razz:


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Aug 11, 2012

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“TNT Collision System” C++ Plugin for Gideros Coming Soon!

Here is it!!!

my new lib “TNT Collision System”
this time i liked to write it in native code! (C++) i need more speed!!!


here is a very early preview video with no optimizations now!
38 Sprites collision Checks (Sprite to sprite) so 703 collisions checks every frame! running on my very old and slow
Ipod 2^nd Gen!

Do you feel the power of Gideros now? :)

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Aug 4, 2012

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Next TNT Lib… is … TNT Collision System… VERY EARLY PREVIEW! …

here is my next lib for Gideros Mobile… is a collision system… (Box, Circle, Line, Point Collisions with and without¬†transformations)

Coded in Gideros Lua and C Native Code.

a little Early Preview:




stay tuned!



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Jul 14, 2012

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TNT Animator Studfio Release Candidate!


just uploaded RC of Animator…

no big news… but

cleaned some code in editor e hopefully (rare crash reported by @glennbjr should be solved!)

example 2 updated to show del animation when crock is stopped…

hopefully tomorrow PUBLIC RELEASE.


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