Jan 5, 2013

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TNT Particles Engine 2

Just started a total rewrite of my particles engine…
many optimizations, faster, new features, much more flexible and … finally …

-> Particles Visual Editor (OSX & WIN) <-

as always for Gideros SDK,

and another news is that (after many users requests)
i’m also “thinking” for a POSSIBLE PORTING FOR OTHER SDK (Corona SDK)…
(but ONLY after GIDEROS Release eventually)

anyway stay tuned…

and yes i don’t like to ask money but if you can donate !
to support my work! and speed up new releases and bugfix! ;)



  1. A Corona version would be awesome. I did buy “Particle Candy” for CoronaSDK, but the effects are lame compared to TNT. I really love the TNT particle engine. Although I appreciate you giving it away, but because I want to see your talent around for us in the future, you should definitely charge for your particle engine.

  2. soy_ismael says:

    Excellent news!!! Is the library more useful I use.

    Thank!! :grin:

  3. I will pledge a $100 donation for a Corona version. This particle engine should be available for both Gideros and Corona SDK.

  4. omeryavuz says:

    I can not see version 2 on downloads. ;-)

  5. not yet released :)

  6. Hi, when do you think the new version will be released?
    I’m finishing my new game and i’d like to include it in my project befor the publishing in the play store.
    I love your work

  7. sorry,
    particles engine 2 will be released after my current Project (game) release
    sorry for this delay…


  8. Tom2012 says:

    You sir are a legend. Can’t wait for version 2. ;-)

  9. Wanted to say thanks for your work and pledge 100$ for the version with a visual particle editor.

    When do you think it might be coming out?

    Thanks. :smile:

  10. thanks!.

    i’m waiting to see how next version of gideros works.
    i mean i want to try new “shader support” and “render to texture” support before continue develop of tnt particles engine 2.