Jan 23, 2013

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TNT Virtual PAD v1.35 BUG FIX!

Hi Guys another update for TNT Virtual Pad…

it’s a bugfix release… (thanks to SinisterSoft!)

if you are using Virtual Pad please update to 1.35!

22/01/2013 v1.35
- Several Bug Fix for new Buttons system (by SinisterSoft)
- Fix a possible Crash if layerIndex is nil or < 1
+ Added screen Restrict (By Sinistersoft)
+ New Buttons “default” position (By Sinistersoft)


  1. Thanks for the thanks! :)

  2. omeryavuz says:

    I tested your vpad mac using gideros v 2012 09 5
    ———- Compile started at 11:24:33.180 ———-
    luac -o “.tmp/init.lua.bin” “init.lua”
    luac -o “.tmp/tntvpad64.lua.bin” “libs/tntvpad64.lua”
    luac: libs/tntvpad64.lua: bad header in precompiled chunk
    make: *** [.tmp/tntvpad64.lua.bin] Error 1

    But it works and crashes gideros ide!!
    I deleted project and recreated project.
    Can you check it?