Apr 1, 2014

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TNT Particles Engine 2 – Worklog (day 3) – Lazarus is the Winner ! :)

Another day is passed and some code was written… :)

aehm… some optimizations really…

at first i would like to code the logic part in c++ but the main bottleneck is the graphic pipeline… that i’m trying to optimize as the best that i can…

and now that there is also LuaJit in Gideros the logic part should run really really fast without the use of native code… (for now is really fast also in plain Lua).
about the particle desiogner I tried Xojo but i’m not familiar with this Rad (but i like it) so i decided that i will go with Lazarus 1.2 for 2 main reason:

1. it’s free. I have no money for this new project now so i need to economize… :)

2. i’m very familiar with delphi and lazarus so the develop should be for me easier than Xojo …

ok. for now is all.

tomorrow (if you like to follow this worklog info) i start to talk about new TNT Particles Engine 2 and why i decided to TOTALLY rewrite.

as soon as i can i’ll start to publish some video demo and show some features!


Night to all!


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