Gideros Mobile SDK

Gideros Studio is a full-featured mobile application development with a focus on graphical application and game programming. With Gideros Studio, now it’s possible to build a proof of concept demo of your application in a very short time. You can test your application idea in your desired platform (either iOS or Android) by simply clicking play button, thanks to very simple, Actionscript-like functions.

Even if you are an experienced mobile designer, fast testing your application concept on the real device will give you a important feedback about the user experience. You can use the accelerometer of iPhone for example, to see if your idea is fun enough.

Gideros Studio

Everything is done through Gideros’ intuitive development platform including a powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and object oriented language.


  • Project management
  • Asset management
  • Asset preview
  • Code highlighting
  • Code autocompletion
  • Code folding
  • Player interface
  • Instant testing over Wi-Fi on real device
  • Packaging

Upcoming development environment features:

SDK at a glance

Gideros is bundled with many powerful components to create applications easily:

    • Native iOS plugin support (reuse existing code within Lua)
    • iOS plugins: GameCenter, SQLite, Flurry, StoreKit, BitOp
    • (Upcoming): Android plugins!
    • 2D scene graph
    • Game & application analytics
    • Touch and accelerometer sensor
    • Automatic and precalculated texture packs
    • Audio playback
    • Scene transitions
    • Physics engine (Box2d)
    • Movieclip
    • Font creator
    • Font renderer
    • 30+ different easing (tweening) functions
    • Landscape and portrait modes
    • Global timer pause/resume
    • Sprites & sprite sheets
    • 32 bit textures
    • Texture atlas
    • Fast orthogonal tilemaps