TNT Animator Studio

Hi Guys finally TNT Animator Studio is ready!!!

TNT Animator Studio can be used in free and commercial products. If you have enjoyed its use, I would appreciate it if you would donate towards its continued development. Your donations help me stay motivated in order to fix bugs and add new features. Plus anyone who makes a donation will be provided with the FULL SOURCE CODE for the TNT Animator Framework.
TNT Animator Studio is composed of two components, the Visual Editor and the Framework. The Visual Editor provides a means to create animations by adding, delet- ing, and customizing sprite frames. You can manage the speed of the frames, loop the animation, and customize its orientation on screen. When you have finished customiz- ing your animation, it can be exported into a pack file that can be loaded into your Gideros Studio game.

The visual editor is available for use on Mac and Windows computers.

You might ask, “Why use this framework over Gideros’ movieClip animation class?” The reason being, TNT Animator’s framework uses a “time based” system to manage your animations whereas Gideros uses a fame based system. A time based system allows for an animation to run at the same speed no matter what system it is played on. Also, you get the added bonuses of controlling the orientation of the frames and including a stop frame and realtime animation speed change. TNT Animator is based on Gideros’ movieClip so that it retains its efficiency and speed. This way you get all of the benefits with none of the draw backs!