TNT Particles Engine

What is TNT Particles Engine ?

it’s a simple particle engine designed using Gideros SDK for Gideros game developers…

my main propose is to create a simple but powerful particle engine to use for mobile game development (iOS and Android)

so it’s fast, lightweight and very easy to use and it’s FREE. 

some features (not yet definitive and more to come)

  • user definable and unlimited emitters
  • user definable and unlimited particle definitions
  • every emitter can have unlimited particle definitions associated
  • color, size, speed, direction, alpha morph in/out
  • particles displacement and offset
  • emitters and particles can be stopped, paused, hidden, resumed (with event notifications)
  • particles infinite loop mode or user defined.
  • can uses gravity force on x and y axis
  • global and local coordinate and rotations
  • event driven
  • free, easy and fast.

some video examples: